"Jeju Wild Dolphin Watching"

Have you ever seen a wild dolphin swimming in the Jeju sea?

What kind of an experience? 

Explore the Jeju sea with our native knowledgeable captain. 

It is always exciting and memorable to make dolphin friends, swimming freely in the open ocean.


Most affordable price around, our guests enjoy an unforgettable experience with wild dolphins on Jeju’s southwest coast, 

where the probability of sighting dolphins is high, as discovered by our own explorations of the coast.

Encounter wild dolphins in the company of a native fisherman, who knows the waters better than anyone.

Ideal Tour Candidates

Those who are interested in protecting Jeju's incredible and unique marine wildlife are encouraged to join us.

First-timers, nature and sea lovers will benefit and learn a great deal.  

Reviews from our previous guests:

"Wow!!! Amazing! Dolphins are really here!!!"

"It was an unforgettable experience seeing the wild dolphins for the first time in my life!"

"I screamed as soon as I saw a dolphins! Wow!!!"

Facts about the dolphins

About 120 Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphins live in the coastal waters of Jeju Island.

Although dolphins are an amazing sight for most mainland Koreans, the inhabitants of Jeju’s coastal areas are familiar with dolphins, 

as they often encounter them while swimming or fishing on a boat. 

When haenyeo (female divers) find dolphins while they are diving for seafood, they shout out, “Baeallo, baeallo”, meaning ‘go underneath the boat’ in Jeju dialect, 

in the hope that the dolphins will pass beneath the boat because dolphins may behave dangerously. 

The good news is that since their release back into the sea, the dolphins named Jedol, Chunsam, Sampal, Taesan, and Boksun, 

which were caught near Jeju and transferred to a small aquarium to perform in dolphin shows, 

now have calves of their own and are doing well in the sea thanks to many people’s interest and help.

Discover-Jeju has opted to use Jeju fishermen’s boats for dolphin exploration, rather than luxurious yachts or cruise ships.

Dolphins have been designated as an endangered species and are subject to environmental protection. 

However, fishermen are not really pleased to see dolphins while they are fishing, because the dolphins chase fish away

or sometimes get caught in their nets. 

Nevertheless, if dolphins become an additional source of tourism revenue, fishermen might take the lead in protecting dolphins!

Thus, our wild dolphin watching experience with native Jeju fishermen is not an expensive yacht tour, 

but a win-win tourism product that is offered to tourists at a reasonable price.

How does the actual watching work?

Wild dolphin exploration usually proceeds as follows:

At first, we will brief you on exploration related information and marine safety measures.

Launch the boat out to the sea.

Sail in search of wild dolphins.

Meet dolphins outside the 50m radius of wild dolphins.

There is a high probability that the dolphins will introduce themselves by approaching the boat.

Then return to the port.

Let's take a closer look at the videos.

Wild Dolphin Exploration in the Press

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<KBS1 Superman came back>


$40/per Person

Exploration Schedule

- Assembly and Roll Call

- Captain’s instructions and interesting stories about dolphins 

- Wear a life jacket and board the vessel

- Sail to an area dolphins are known to frequent

- Meet your new dolphins friends

- Return to port

Rules for dolphin watching


- Do not approach a dolphin within a radius of 50 m.

- Be careful when approaching and observing dolphins, reduce sailing speed to within 50 meters of a dolphin.

 Code of Conduct

- Do not touch or feed the dolphins.

- Do not make sudden or loud noises around the dolphins.

Ship Operation

- Do not approach the dolphins from the front or behind.

- Do not follow behind the dolphins.

- Only approach the dolphins slowly from their side.

- Reduce the ship’s speed careful not to suddenly change direction.

- Take extra care when mother and baby dolphins are together.

- When several boats sail together, do not surround the dolphins with the boats or trap them between the coast and the boats.

- Do not approach dolphins with more than three ships at a time.

Please join us in creating a culture of protecting Jeju's dolphins, an endangered species

by observing all the above precautions during our dolphin encounters.

These precautions comply with the recommendations of the World Wildlife Fund currently in force in Australia and the U.S.A. 

Discover Jeju takes the lead in protecting dolphins of the island.

In the case of tour cancellation

The date of the tour may be subject to change depending on the weather and sea conditions, so please contact us in advance.

The dolphin tour may be canceled in the event that it might be too dangerous to set sail due to adverse weather or sea conditions.

The time or date of the tour may be changed in the event of insufficient reservations.

Tour Information

Venue: Dongil-ri Port, Daejeong-eup, Seogwipo-si, Jeju-do

Minimum no.: 6 persons

Maximum no.: 11 persons

Date: After reservation, the schedule may be adjusted according to weather or sea conditions.

Duration: 50 minutes


- Jeju's finest sea Captain and a life jacket


- Please arrive 20 minutes before the reservation time.

- Departure is always on time. Late-comers will not be able to join, due to our next tour reservation.

- We recommend that our guests who suffer from motion sickness bring medication (eg. a seasickness patch).

- Recommended to children above upper-grade elementary school age. All children should be accompanied by an adult.

- There is no bathroom out at sea. Please, prepare in advance.

- While on board, stick to the Code of Conduct and listen to the Captain's instructions.


Dongil-ri Port

- How to find it: You can search for the map or navigation on your smart phone.

Come all the way to the sea port.


from Jeju Airport

Bus number: take 150-1(Unjin port) - Get off at Daejeong High School Bus Stop

transfer 202 (Daejeong High School) After getting off at Dongil-ri Bus station.

Walk about 327m to Dongil-ri Port

제주특별자치도 서귀포시 대정읍 동일리

Notices on Reservation

- The dolphin tour is entirely subject to natural circumstances such as weather and sea conditions. 

In the event of cancellation, customers will be informed one to three days in advance of the tour and refunded 100%.

- The minimum number of people for the dolphin encounter is five. In the event of cancellation due to an insufficient number of reservations, 

customers will be informed three days in advance and refunded 100%.

- The dolphin tour ships are covered by insurance. However, insurance for the day’s entire tour is not included. 

If you wish to be insured, please take out individual traveler’s insurance in advance.

- Although the weather report may not forecast heavy rain or strong wind, the tour may be canceled depending on the actual sea conditions on the day.

Refund Policy

The refund and/or cancellation policy for travel products is as follows.

In case of travel products that must be reserved via the company’s website, members can cancel a travel contract before the start date.

 If a member wishes to cancel a contract before the start date after completing payment for the product, the company’s damages 

should be reimbursed according to the following criteria for each article relating to the time of notification of cancellation.

  • Notification made from the date of payment deposit to four days before the deadline for reservation: the full deposit will be refunded.
  • Notification made three days before the deadline for reservation: 20% of the price of the travel product excluding the cost of additional services / purchase of supplementary goods will be reimbursed.
  • Notification made two days before the deadline for reservation: 40% of the price of the travel product excluding the cost of additional services / purchase of supplementary goods will be reimbursed.
  • Notification made one day before the deadline for reservation: 50% of the price of the travel product excluding the cost of additional services / purchase of supplementary goods will be reimbursed.
  • Notification made on or after the deadline for reservation, or cancellation made on the day of travel, or nonattendance: No refund.
  • Notification made seven days before the deadline for reservation: the deposit will be refunded.
  • Notification made four to six days before the deadline for reservation: Refund after deduction of compensation of 20% of the payment.
  • Notification made two to three days before the deadline for reservation: Refund after deduction of compensation of 40% of the payment.
  • Notification made one day before the deadline for reservation: Refund after deduction of compensation of 50% of the payment.
  • Notification made after the deadline for reservation, or nonattendance on the day: No refund.


Captain Dolphin

Captain Dolphin was born and grew up in Moseulpo, and his grandfather and father were also seamen. 

He knows all about the sea at Moseulpo where dolphins appear, and has taken care of the dolphins since his childhood.


Please contact us in advance by phone or email.

contact: 050-5558-3838


Paypal: admin@discover-jeju.com